What are SCIENTISTS trying to hide??

Let’s face the facts here. Just because we know cigarettes cause cancer doesn’t mean that all cigarettes cause cancer. Don’t waste your time re-reading that last sentence. Anyone with eyes can see the TRUTH!

Smoking a hookah ELIMINATES carcinogens!

Some “academics” claim smoking tobacco through a hookah is 200 times more dangerous than smoking a cigarette. False flag! Our TruthWarrior expertvillage says using a hookah is so safe that there are no carcinogens at all! How’s that for “science”?

Scientists LIE! Or at least EXAGGERATE!

A TruthWarrior known only as Outlaw tipped us off to this one. He learned that scientists stretch the truth about cancer to save their butts. He didn’t elaborate on why their butts need saving, but I think we know the answer: yetis carry swine flu.

Is bumblebee cancer caused by excess benghazi radiation in the stock market?
Our sources say YES!!
Hookah does NOT harm your lungs! Probably!

This guy makes a GUARANTEE! What more evidence do you need? And don’t be one of those SHEEPLE who say “I need at least SOME evidence. Any evidence.” The man in this video is a hookah advocate. How much more objective can he be?!

Is relaxation the cure for CANCER??

Another one that FEELS right! Frankly, sometimes “evidence” gets in the way of a good theory. Don’t let BIG COMMON SENSE dissuade you from something that feels like the truth.

Just because you want to believe something…

…doesn’t make it true.